Women's Empowerment Self-Protection Course

Our new Women’s Empowerment Self-Protection course is designed to be fun and playful but also an intensive high level education in violence dynamics, violence prevention and violence management. This course includes practical training which teaches the student how to prevent, avoid, escape or face violence. We give the student the opportunity to get hands on experience successfully dealing with verbal aggression and different types of simulated mock violent encounters, including defending against a padded assailant. We give the student tools and coach them to a successful outcome in a physically and emotionally safe environment.
We will cover functional self protection concepts such as:  
Situational awareness 
Contact management 
Boundary enforcement
Counter violence
Create safety

The course runs on Monday evenings 7:00-8:30 (the mats will be open at 6:30 for fitness and warm up) and will include
30 minutes of lecture and 60 min of practical application.
The course lasts 16 weeks, and is free to students who register. (Donations are appreciated but certainly not expected or required.)
The first run of the course is the pilot course. This first group is our focus group. These first students have the opportunity to be mentors and coaches to the groups that will follow.

This course will be led by Martial Artist and dedicated, longtime Cornerstone Instructor David Herbert.

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