PlySpace Resident Artist Jonathan Korotko's Fiber Drawing Workshop

Rendering through Material: Drawing / Fiber Workshop

March 14th (Saturday) from 1- 3:30 PM

Cost: FREE, Open to Public

Studio A, Cornerstone
Adults 16+

Description: This workshop illustrates and works with drawing principles through and in collaboration with materials, such as yarn, fiber and paper. During the session, we will be examining the transformation and definition of drawing (line, movement, shading, value, balance), while considering how to intersect this traditional medium with the use of materials -- including hard and soft, flexible, found or alternative materials -- and the meanings these materials invoke. Focus will be set on how these materials aid in the thematic presence of finished works. To begin, we will be focusing on the act of rendering, and its relationship to materiality as a way to challenge and reconsider what a drawing can be. Through discussion and demos, students will be asked to work with ideas of interior/exterior, representation, responsiveness, and begin to question when do these gestures of drawing enter into a spacial plane.

This workshop is introductory and open to all levels. Students will leave with a finished, fiber based drawing project.

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