Intermediate/Advanced Performance Group

This class is a chance for the Youth of Muncie to experience and understand true performance as well as what it takes to perform at a high level. It will challenge your child and help uncover their confidence! Your child will be doing confidence-building exercises as well as learning different choreography thought the course. On top of that, we will have occasional “special” classes featuring other performing arts such as Acting, Runway/Modeling, Vocal training, etc. We want to develop well-round performers while allowing them to express themselves creatively. During classes, we will be working to prepare for various shows and performances that your child will have a chance to participate in!

During the first week, kids will go through a ‘placement process’ to determine if they would fit best in the Beginner or Intermediate/Advanced class. This is solely to ensure kids are being pushed by the choreography and activities so it’s never too easy!

Instructors: Jacob Drummer and Rhiannon Lathem

Ages: 5-18

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