Ablaze: One Crazy Summer in Muncie

Take a virtual tour using maps and historic photographs featuring some people and places related to the summer of 1917 in Muncie. That one summer was jam-packed with pivotal history. The United States had just entered World War I; the Indiana legislature had just passed a bill giving women the right to vote; African Americans were protesting and organizing for civil rights; the battle over Prohibition laws was heating up just as a new prosecutor in Muncie was on a mission to close gambling houses and speakeasies. A mysterious attempted kidnapping at the home of a prominent family left the city rattled. And local history was impacted forever that summer by the purchase of a defunct college in the city by a group of businessmen known as the Ball brothers.


This workshop will be taught via Zoom, please register to be sent the meeting link. 

Instructor: Melissa Gentry


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