Pints & Paints at The Fickle Peach

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From: April 27, 2017 at 6:30pm to 8:30pm


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Class Description:

Liz's favorite prop! Veil dancing can be seen across all genre's of Belly Dance: from vintage classical Belly Dance to fusion. This beautiful addition to our dance adds color, flow and dynamics to any choreography or improvisation. We will focus on basic and advanced veil movements, and learn some combos that can easily fit into your choreography or improv. Be A-veil-able

What do your arms say to the audience as you dance? Your arms are the loudest part of your technique as an artist. Do they know when to be quiet and when to sing along? Learn Zhenna's tips for taking your improvisation and choreography to the next level all by framing the story with your arms.

In this workshop, we'll be making a holiday décor piece centered around an arrangement of origami fir trees. You will learn how to fold your own wonderful little fir trees and arrange them in a glass jar with different colored and textured materials to simulate the ground, the grass, and the snow. A focus on design keeps this project classy and challenges participants to look at how color, texture, size, and arrangement can change a simple craft into an elegant, decorative piece. After this workshop, you will also be able to easily and quickly fold a fir tree out of almost any kind and size of square paper. These are great to use as easy holiday décor or as embellishments on holiday packages. They are also addictive to make and quite fun to teach to your family and friends.
This workshop will be at Guardian Brewing Co, located at Madjax 514 E Jackson Street. The workshop is $20 per person to attend and includes one free drink. This workshop is open to ages 21 and up.

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